January 16, 2015




Want to be bold? Want to work with purpose? Is it time for your brand to rise to the occasion and get out there? Well, glad you said yes to all of that (wink). And, you don’t have to be a trillionaire to do it. Here are some ways we can work with you: 

Hop on our email list: In our weekly email, we give you the down low on what’s trending for businesses and brands, helpful tips on how to market and build your brand and handy dandy resources that you can actually use.

Read our Blog: The A7PR blog is a place where you can go to get guidance, tips and knowledge about PR, social media and marketing for your business. We’ll also provide the latest in trends concerning these areas. Oh, and this blog will also be served with a side of entrepreneurship, well, because we’re so into it.

Use our resources: There’s knowledge out there that can help you grow and build. We know that PR can be confusing and overwhelming. When it comes to your brand, we have plenty to share. The resources we provide aren’t fuzzy, feel-good, fluff material. It’s real and you can actually use and implement what we share with you.

Book a consultation: Do you have a good idea of where you want to go but need to figure out how to make the pieces fit when it comes to your marketing or PR efforts? Need some clarity on what you should be doing with social media or how to get media attention? We can help with that. Our consultations are just the thing to help get you focused and on track.

Schedule a training: The world of PR, marketing and social media changes rapidly. Not to mention, there are lots of things to be learned on how to effectively communicate, who to communicate with, what social media platforms to use and how to use them and so on. Our training & workshops are designed to equip your team with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to help you crush it and thrive when it comes to your PR.

Hire us to speak: If you’re looking for someone to keynote around the areas of PR and niche audiences, social media for small business and marketing to diverse audiences, we’re definitely up for it. These are topics we’re passionate about and we have key insights that we can bring to the table to help your attendees walk away with something fresh, new and practical that they can actually use for their businesses and brands.

Retain us for PR services: Are you ready to take your business or brand to the next level and launch a full PR campaign? We’re here for it. We can help with media placements, social media strategy, community relations and much more. If you’re ready to see some results from long-term (3-12+ months) PR efforts then we’re ready to be your new BFF (business friend forever).

New client questionnaire: If you’re interested in working with us, you can fill out our new client questionnaire to get started right away. Click here.

Need something that wasn’t mentioned here? Hey, we can handle that. Just drop us a line (info@agencysevenpr.com | Subject: Service Inquiry) and let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll work with you to get what you need.