January 16, 2015

Training & Programs


The Agency Seven team loves to share knowledge with those around us. There are a lot of things we’ve discovered, learned and experienced and we think they’re pretty cool. We also love to help others take their business, organization or brand to the next level. When we combined those things, we came up with a host of interactive workshops, seminars and trainings. Take a look:

  • Media Training (including social media)
  • Public Speaking
  • Employee Communication
  • External Communication
  • PR 101
  • Importance and Effectiveness of PR
  • Personal Branding 101
  • Branding Your Ministry
  • Marketing and Your Ministry
  • Social Media 101
  • Social Media & the Small Business


Brand Coaching
You’re ready to start a business, you’ve been in business for a while, or your’re in the process of starting a business…now what? Well, sometimes, you might need a little extra push. With our intense brand coaching program, we take you from A to Z without leaving anything to question. We walk you through an intense analysis of your brand,  develop your messaging and find opportunities to get you out there. After the sessions, we’ll help you develop high-level strategies and a practical plan that will help you get recognized among your competitors and grow your business.

Social Media for Business Owners
You should be running your business, not spending hours trying to figure out social media. For business owners who aren’t social media experts, our program will help you get familiar with the various platforms while understanding how they can build and develop your business and brand. After this, we’ll work with you one-on-one to determine which social media outlets are best for your business and we’ll develop a social media plan with you that you can use to get the results you need to shine.

Social Media for Non-Profits
There are a ton of other things that you need to focus on when working in a non-profit. Understandably, social media can fall to the backburner. Because you might not have time to figure it all out, we’ll work with you on that. You’ll learn what the different platforms are best used for and we’ll help you learn to create meaningful and effective content to connect with your audience.