My Top Seven Tools for Managing My Brand on the Go

toolbox-supportThese days, chances are you’re always on the go. Schedules are packed to the brim with meetings, to-do lists, trying to catch up with friends and maintain time for family. Most of us are constantly in a state of motion, but we can’t turn off running a business. Tablets and smartphones have given us the ability to still be able to function and maintain communication with the online world while carrying on with the rest of our lives.

As a business owner (and an über PR girl), I’m always having to check in on the status of my business (and those of my clients), engage with my community and, well, keep things afloat. I’m definitely not Superwoman (although I did always fancy a cape), but with the help of some great tools, I can surely pretend to be. Below are some of the top tools (read: apps) I use to manage my brand on the go.

  • Pages (for Facebook). This application is wonderful for updating and interact on my Facebook page while I’m away from my computer as I would like I was actually logged into Facebook on the internet. The interface mimics that of the actual page layout on a computer, which makes it easy to navigate. It has the capabilities of scheduling posts, viewing analytics (which are a bit limited but work for briefly checking in on things) and interacting with commenters. If you’re the administrator of multiple pages, you can also manage those in this app as well. One of the biggest things that is a bummer (to me) about the app? It doesn’t yet have the reply feature for comments.
  • Google Drive. As you might be able to imagine, I create a lot of documents. All the time though, I can’t carry my laptop around with me. This application comes in handy because I can access everything I have saved to my drive right from my phone (or tablet). This app has saved me plenty of times when I’ve needed to resend a document to a client or forward a batch of content to our editors for editing. It’s also great because you can share documents and grant access to other people right from the app. 
  • WordPress. I use WordPress to update this here blog. Having the application is great for me, because I can begin work on a blog draft while riding (notice I didn’t say driving; that would be disastrous) in the car to dinner or periodically check in on my blog stats while bouncing to my next meeting. It also gives me the opportunity to interact with all of you wonderful folks who read and comment on my ramblings, I mean, posts. One of the things I like to consider a bonus feature of this app? It also rounds up all the other WordPress blogs I follow, so I can check out fresh content in a jiffy too.  
  • Hootsuite. The Hootsuite platform in itself is an awesome wonder. The mobile app is it’s junior awesome equivalent. With the Hootsuite app, I can check in on all of the social networks that I have linked to it, schedule posts, see some basic analytics on the things I’ve posted and check in on streams that I have set up. I also have the ability to search trending topics, do searches for keywords. I like that I can do some quick and dirty online listening about what’s going on not only for me, but for my clients as well.  
  • Mailchimp. For my email campaigns, I can peek in on how well everything’s going and not have to be tied down to my computer. I can check for recent subscribers, view my lists and groups, and get a pretty good report (chalk full of the fun stuff like opens, delivers, bounce rate, etc.) on how things are going. I know this might be wishful thinking, but the only downside to this app is you can’t actually create a campaign.
  • Pocket. I do a ton of reading. Most of the time when I’m on the go, I come across great articles that I only have time to skim through but I’d like to read later. That’s where this baby comes in handy. I also save a ton of useful resources that I know I’ll want to reference multiple times. What I love most about this app is that you can add an extension to your web browser and it will save to you account, giving you the ability to access it across multiple platforms.
  • Email. Email reigns supreme in my day-to-day. This good old, built in email app is perfect for me because I can do awesome things like, send and respond to emails (I know, you love my sprinkles of humor, right?). I know it sounds obvious (and maybe even a bit elementary), but If I couldn’t access emails away from my computer, I’d be in serious trouble.

What are some of your absolute go-to tools for managing your brand on the go?

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