Are You Living a Brand Fantasy?

Some of us are dreamers. We know what kind of house we want to live in, can picture that luxury car we want to drive and can imagine the beachfront property on a tropical island. Having dreams is not a bad thing. It gives us the opportunity to set goals and reach for certain things. Having a fantasy? Well that’s a different story.

A fantasy, unlike a dream, is something that is lofty and must likely unattainable. A fantasy can’t be tracked and measured. Unfortunately, there are brands out there who are operating in fantasyland.

Some brands don’t take the time to fully understand their market. They don’t do the research needed to figure out what their audience likes, what they need, how they want to be talked to. Instead, they charge full speed ahead acting on what they think their brand should be. There are all of these big ideas swirling around about being the next Apple, or the biggest thing in a certain industry.

What the focus should be on is building the best brand for your company. It should be a priority to work on a brand that your target customers will gravitate to and not just trying to imitate some of the more popular brands. When you put the customer at the center of your brand strategy, you’re guaranteed to not operate in fantasyland.

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