Making Connections. Defying Boundaries.

Our Focus

Creative PR

We use creative and strategic public relations methods to make a difference in your business, your brand, or your organization. We think outside the traditional press release and go beyond the boundaries of “stuffy” PR.

Your Story

The world needs to know who you are. We dig deep to help you bring out your story and message. We take that story and craft it into results-driven campaigns. It’s our job to help you share the story of who your brand is with your audience.

Connecting Brands

Meaningful and impactful connections with your audience is where it’s at. We make it our mission to help our clients make connections with their target audiences and we don’t buy into the hype that you can’t overcome some of the boundaries that might exist when connecting with them.

Being Authentic

The best way to be is yourself. Your brand is unique, different and amazing. That is what should be shared with your audience. Our strategies help you be yourself, while telling your story. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Hi, we’re Agency Seven Public Relations. Nice to meet you.

At Agency Seven, we’re real people who understand what other real people building businesses and brands go through. We’re an agency that doesn’t really subscribe to the status quo. We’ll work as hard as you work to get your brand connected.

Our services are designed for bold brands and businesses who want to make a dent in the world. We think and do outside of boxes, lines and boundaries because, let’s face it, restrictions are boring. It’s time for your brand (and you) to make some moves.

We work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, faith based businesses/organizations and lifestyle brands.

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